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Work-life-nature balance

About the author

Marta Adamek-Trzaskalska
EMEA Lead for Portfolio & Project Management, IT Platform Services
I started my Aon journey in 2013 as a Project Coordinator, developed via multiple IT roles, today becoming a regional Leader for infrastructure projects and member of Krakow Leadership Team. Work at Aon has always pushed me outside of my comfort zone, therefore motivated me to do my PhD in sociology and create my own blog about leadership and project management.

Managing work and your private life can be very difficult no matter what industry you work in. Attaining work-life balance has become even more challenging with pandemics around us. Home/private life can be also overwhelming: growing kids, someone in the family being sick, loan instalment being too high – just name it. To balance that out, for your own sanity, you need a space that does not work and not home life, a space that gives you peace and freedom... For me that’s nature.

The possibility to reconnect with nature, realize that there is something beyond my work, my family, something that is bigger than us all allows me to rethink what’s important, gives more distance to life and provides a level of inner peace. There are different ways to reconnect with nature – spending a few days in the woods, away from people; going for a mountain trip or spending time with animals. I have found my way that not only allows me to reunite with nature but also helps me to switch off my brain. No more thinking or processing information – sounds nice, doesn’t it? I never thought it is possible but yet it’s real.

I call it sightseeing jogging. I don’t jog for fitness, to prepare for marathons or to improve my endurance and get a better score. I choose jogging routes close to nature, ideally in the middle of nowhere, where I can sometimes stop, sit down, observe nature and just be… Be with no home nor work pressure, no deadlines, no people’s opinions, no money needed. It releases so much inner energy that I am loaded for the next day or so. Finding that place or activity that gives you a way to vent, be yourself, offset your problems is already half of the success. You don’t have to worry about the fact that you won’t have time for it, once you will find and feel the benefit of it you will always be attracted in that direction. Try it out!

WellOne App

What helps me keep my work-life balance is setting little achievable goals, what's useful here is WellOne - Aon’s health and wellbeing app where you can e.g. track your steps or jogging routes and share results with other users - it's a different level of motivation! Well One addresses all four dimensions of wellbeing -physical, emotional, financial and social - making it a great tool to enhance your wellbeing journey. In mid-May, we launched a company-wide Step up Challenge which gives all Aon global population a chance to motivate & support one another worldwide and add up to one's country overall result. We can do much more together also for our wellness.

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