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Welcome Back – Colleague Stories: Marta Kubal

Among us, there are colleagues who rejoined Aon after developing their careers outside of our organization. After some time they decided to return, and we are proud to have them back. In the following entry, we present you the story of Project Manager Marta Kubal. 

What do you cherish about Aon?

This is not something that I can describe easily and in one word. It is a combination of people, atmosphere, variety of duties and successful accomplishments. Literally, every day can bring something new and exciting, and this experience can be shared with others.

What motivated you to return to Aon?

After leaving Aon, one thing followed me around the city, a red Aon tram. With that view, it took me a while to sit down and finally reconsider what I really needed from my job. I needed: people, atmosphere and tasks which would challenge my creativity every day. As a charismatic and motivated person, I wanted to wake up every day to work in a stimulating environment, with people like me focused on goals. So - here I am again at Aon.

​​​​​​​​​​​​How did Aon help you to grow professionally?

I started my work at Aon as a Benefits Administrator. After a year of being very involved in process review and standardization, I was given a proposal to become a specialist in my area. This position lifted me up professionally and made me realize in what direction I want to grow. I applied to the EMEA Implementation Team, in the Health and Benefits department, as Project Coordinator. And that was the best decision for my career, which is proven by my current position as Project Manager.

Your experience on joining back Aon?

I couldn’t imagine a better welcome back, which proves that I work with people that I consider not only colleagues but also my friends. The values I cherish at Aon are present every day. But from a professional point of view, I joined Aon as a company that is considered a solid employer in the Krakow market.

Your message to Aon colleagues?

If you are good at what you are doing, you will always be appreciated! 


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