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Aon Poland partners with university to recruit finance students

Since October 2018, Aon and Jacobs have partnered with the School of Banking and Management in Krakow to recruit and teach students in Finance in Global Corporations specialization. Students can combine studying and working by attending classes until 1 p.m. and then coming into the office, or they can work from home and manage their schedules flexibly. Classes focus on a practical approach to the corporate environment so that students learn what market and business expectations await them from day one.

Why it matters

Aon chose to work with the University of Management and Banking in Krakow because of the many benefits it offers. For students, it offers significant opportunities to work in an international company at a young age. For Aon, it offers fresh perspectives, new innovative ideas and insights that can help the company grow and solve problems. These students may also be our future colleagues.

Dominika Mida, Junior FP&A Analyst in Krakow, explains how the program works: "The dual degree program started five years ago and opened the doors to a fantastic journey combining theory and practice. It's an innovative educational path that allows students to develop skills in real professional situations, which in turn leads to better career prospects after graduation. It's also an example of how the education system is adapting to the changing needs of the labour market. Since then, a total of 35 people have been or are currently employed by Aon to bridge the gap between work and education."

“Five years ago I decided to apply for the dual studies program. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life, not only in terms of valuable international market experience, but also in terms of meeting wonderful people who make up this company. My belief is that this is a great direction which has a significant impact on the education of young people.” 

Can students get a job at Aon?
Absolutely! We currently have 11 people who have completed the program and are still working at Aon in various positions. Students have the opportunity to work with Aon through internships or employment contracts, depending on their preferences. To start working on a contract basis, they have to apply for the role of their choice and go through a qualification interview with a manager, which is a formality after so many years with the company.

Students combine studying and working, does that mean they work at Aon while studying?
Students combine their work at Aon with their university studies on the basis of an agreement. This means that students start working after their classes. Both work and classes take place from Monday to Friday, so weekends are completely free.

How does Aon help students?
Aon as a company, provides students with employment and, therefore remuneration. In addition, Aon pays students for the full three years of their studies and covers all tuition fees. The employment comes with a variety of experiences; students can change departments once a year, three times during the entire program, which allows them to understand the company and the specifics of the work from every angle.

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