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Business vs Smog: How Aon Educates Young Generations about Clean Air

The ‘Business vs Smog’ project aims to run an employee volunteer program to educate children and young people on smog and air purity.  

United for Clean Air

Volunteers, professionally trained by Krakow Smog Alert, conduct courses (recently remotely) at schools and kindergartens throughout Poland. The program is tailored to different age groups, and participants learn interactively what smog is, why it forms, what threats it poses to human health and life, and what can and should be done to breathe cleaner air. All courses are free.

The ‘Business vs Smog’ program was created at PwC's initiative and cooperates with 29 companies, Krakow Smog Alert, and the ASPIRE Association. In the last third edition, the activities were mainly conducted online, and over 8,000 children and young people participated.

Check air quality with Aon.

Program Achievements 

Ten volunteers from Aon, including three from AP/APS, trained 879 children from schools in Poland, the fourth-best score out of 29 companies. Congratulations!

After three editions of ‘Business vs Smog’:

  • 36,000 children have learned why smog forms, how it affects our health, and how it can be prevented.
  • Volunteers have conducted 1,550 courses on-site, online, and in a hybrid format.
  • 720 volunteer employees have been involved in the program.
  • Courses have been held at facilities in 130 towns and cities in Poland.


The ‘Business vs Smog’ project demonstrates the importance of collaboration between companies and organizations in educating younger generations about the danger of smog and ways to prevent it. Thanks to the dedication of volunteers, this program has a real impact on the ecological awareness of children and young people in Poland. 

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