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Smart Working – Our approach at Aon

Just like we deliver innovative solutions to our clients, at Aon we focus on looking after our people. One of the ways we bring this to life is in re-imagining how we work.​ Workplace flexibility can take many forms including working remotely, varying our hours, following the agile way and more.​

Flexible work is ultimately about balancing the needs of colleagues, their teams, the business and clients and it can take many forms. Aon has created Guiding Principles for Flexible Working to help us all in thoughtfully considering flexible work at team and individual level. The ultimate aim of Smart Working is to create a healthy, productive, inclusive and sustainable way of working, enabling colleagues to deliver their best work for clients from wherever they are best placed to do so.

What does Smart Working mean in practice to colleagues?



Every Aon colleague around the world chooses one of three workstyles, in conversation with their manager and team:

  1. Office-based - Colleagues who work primarily from a 'designated' office.
  2. Hybrid - Colleagues who attend an office for selected activities - i.e. meetings, client meetings as needed. No specific requirement for days in the office for 'hybrid' colleagues but they are expected to be in-person for selected activities (determined locally by relevant solution line/office/function and in agreement with leadership).
  3. Virtual - Colleagues who work virtually and location is designated as virtual vs. an office location.


Our working practices consider and include everyone no matter where and when they are working. What's important, we continue to learn and adjust as we go. Mutual respect, trust and accountability are the foundations of our approach to working styles. Every Aon employee has the freedom to choose their preferred style in conversation with their manager and team.

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