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A journey of hope. Aon supports Tatiana’s mission to rescue cats in Ukraine

In tough times, some stories stand out, because they show how kind and caring people can be. One of this stories is about Tatiana from Kharkov, Ukraine. Despite the ongoing war, she dedicated herself to saving abandoned cats, and we, at Aon have been proud to help her.

The beginning of a compassionate mission

When the war started, many families had to leave their homes quickly, often leaving their pets behind. Tatiana saw this happening and decided to help these animals. Even though it was dangerous, she didn't give up. She knew she needed to do something to make things better.

Tatiana asked people around the world to help her continue her work. We at Aon wanted to help, too. Over the past year, we've helped her buy a car that she uses to safely move cats to Poland and get them the care they need.

Achievements and future goals

We're excited to share some great news about what we've accomplished together:
  • 45 cats and 1 dog have found new homes in Poland.
  • Tatiana has managed to safely transport these animals in three separate trips, with the last one including a newborn kitten!

Our support goes beyond just giving money and help with logistics. It's also personal — two of our Aon colleagues have adopted cats from Tatiana, giving them forever homes, Tosia by Ewelina Baslak and Maja by Maciej Piechaczek. This shows how much we care, not just as a company but as individuals too. We're still helping Tatiana. She's planning to bring 20 more cats soon, and we're ready to help them find homes too.

This whole effort shows what we can do when we work together and care for others. We're grateful to everyone who has helped Tatiana. We're looking forward to helping even more.


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