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Dobra DZIELnica: New Social Fridge in Krakow by Aon & Enterprise Park

We’re glad and quite excited to announce the initiative we're launching at Enterprise Park that we believe will make a meaningful impact on our community.


Dobra DZIELnica: New Social Fridge in Krakow by Aon and Enterprise Park

We are kicking off the "Social Fridge" project named Dobra DZIELnica, aimed at supporting those in need by providing access to essential food items within our premises as well as to safe food from waste. 

The fridge will be a collective effort, coordinated by Aon & Enterprise Park.

Social Fridges: How does it work?

From time to time, we realize that there is food in our fridge that we will not be able to eat before expiration. Instead of throwing it away, the food could be shared. This is where the public fridges come in. They may be filled with donated, untouched food, which can be taken by any people, regardless of their situation or social status.

This innovative concept strives to tackle the global issue of food waste while fostering community engagement and support.

The Foodsharing initiative fundamentally revolves around the idea of redistributing surplus food to those in need. At its core, it aims to combat the staggering amount of food waste that occurs daily. These communal refrigerators, stationed in public spaces or community centers, serve as accessible hubs for both donations and collections of surplus food. 

The concept is simple yet powerful: individuals, businesses, and local markets can contribute excess perishable and non-perishable food items to these fridges, and those (literally anybody - regardless of social status) in need can freely take what they require.

What sets the Social Fridge apart is its community-driven essence. It operates on the principles of mutual aid and shared responsibility. Residents, local businesses, and volunteers rally together to stock, maintain, and manage these refrigerators, thereby creating a sense of ownership and unity within the community. Moreover, it fosters a culture of mindfulness towards food consumption and waste, encouraging individuals to reconsider their habits and contribute to a sustainable cause.

Our Aim and Values

Share and help

Bring excess food that you no longer need. This can be surplus from home supplies, office events, or simply products with an expiration date near the end that are still good to eat.

Take what you need

Anyone can call by our Foodsharing space and take what they need. Dobra DZIELnica is a place where everyone can find something to eat, regardless of their situation.

Be respectful

Take care of the fridge and its other users. When leaving food out, be sure it is still good to eat and properly packaged.


The social fridge will be located in the guard house at our Enterprise Park campus.

Enterprise Park, 
ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 13
30-707 Kraków 

Access from Na Dołach Street

Opening Hours
Daily: 6 am - 10 pm


Join our common effort to share the good

Your involvement and support are crucial for the success of this project. We kindly invite all of you to participate by contributing e.g. by spreading the news. We believe this project reflects our shared commitment to making a positive impact in and beyond the work environment. Every little helps! 🙂

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