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Meet Aon Krakow Colleagues: Roxy Nisbet

What do you do? What does Aon do? And what does it really mean? Aren't those the questions we get asked so often? In the series: Meet Aon Krakow Colleagues, we want to present to you in the simplest way possible what our colleagues do on a daily basis. Here's the interview with Roxy, Global Learning Curriculum Manager.


In simple words: what do you do in your job?

I’m a L&D professional with over 12 years of experience – together with my team, we’re responsible for designing and managing learning content, both digital and classroom, for all colleagues across the globe, regardless of their role, location or career progression. Our main responsibility is to ensure our colleagues receive the best learning experiences whether it’s in the office, on the go or back at home. Our main motto: Learn. Lead. Grow. Enable. 

What sets Aon apart from other companies in the industry, in terms of its values and work culture?

I have had the chance to work for various organisations, and none represents the interests of colleagues as strongly as Aon. In latest years we have faced various challenges globally. Each time Aon ensured colleagues were taken care of – whether it’s flexibility in the ways we work, financial aid or psychological support. As Aon colleague I feel appreciated not only professionally but on that human level too. Inclusion, agility, flexibility and empathy – top 4 values we live and breathe. 

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