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Eco-friendly Christmas!

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Patrycja Przybylska
Pensions Administrator Core

This year we’ll spend Christmas in smaller family gatherings. In general, we stay much more time at home and sometimes we run out of ideas on how to make after-work evening routine more attractive. I think it’s a great opportunity to decorate our homes and apartments following various DIY hints. We can cook more and explore some new areas. Who knows what we can find out? Maybe a new hobby? Some creativity never harmed anybody!  And, with all this, we can try to promote eco-zero/less-waste approach!

I have some tips and tricks for you which might be useful:

  1. Shopping

    1. Reusable bags for fruits/veggies, peanuts etc. (you can make it yourself or order online i.e. those made of cotton will last for years).
    2. Do a quick summary of your habits and be honest with yourself…😊 How much food, decorations, and any other things you bought that you didn't need?
    3. If you have some clothes you don't wear anymore, you can donate them to Ciuchodzielnia; and if there's too much food left after your Christmas dinner, visit Foodsharing Krakow or Zupa na Plantach.
    4. It’s a good time to check what you have at home and what you can remake and reuse. Paint things, cut them, glue them, create something new from old things.
  2. Christmas cards

    1. Use e-cards for those people who you know would be happy with it.
    2. You can also prepare cards yourself, they don't need to be perfect. You can spend an hour with your kids or friends and have great fun preparing them!
  3. Presents

    1. DIY is super fashionable and popular nowadays. You can find tons of ideas on the Internet. Many of them are very easy and don't require a lot of preparation.
    2. You can use mason jars or buy pretty cans and add some elements to them that may be appreciated like: high quality tea, coffee, spices, dry fruits, cake mixtures, etc. You can even make a "forest in a jar".
    3. If you know anyone who drinks a lot of water or exercises - this person could appreciate a bottle made of stainless steel or dark glass.
    4. For those interested in cosmetics, you may try natural and organic ones like soaps, shampoo bars, deodorants in little jars etc.
    5. Wrap presents in anything but plastic. Use paper tape, paper or material ribbons. Be creative 🙂
    6. Look for local homemade products.
  1. Christmas party

    1. If you need to replace any Christmas decorations that you have, look for handmade ones or the ones made from natural materials.
    2. Did you know that instead of buying Christmas tree each year you can buy one made of wood and have it for years! It's so beautiful with lights on!
    3. Food: try some new recipes, maybe you can try vegan cuisine? They are usually healthier and lighter, now we may use some alternative when we spend so much time at home.
    4. You can make your own candles with natural oils (or order them online) – there are many natural soya candles (or soya wax for DIY).
  2. Gifts you didn't like

    1. You may use different options for exchanging things. For example, use OLX, LESS or Vinted app (this one is for clothes only) or donate them e.g. to Ciuchodzielnia.

It’s a good opportunity to do as many things yourself, be creative, have quality fun and just enjoy Christmas time. 😊

Here are some nice vegan recipes I've recently tested, enjoy!


Ginger Cake

Apple Pie

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