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Aon Pub Quiz is back!

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Elliott Johnson | ECC Contact Centre Representative

Every year our Aon United Committee organizes a pub quiz for all Aon Krakow colleagues.

Elliott Johnson – ECC Contact Centre Representative prepared a summary of 2019 edition. Check it out!


Aon held its annual pub quiz on the 14th November at the cosy Klub Drukarnia along the riverbank of the Vistula. The atmosphere in the upper floor of the bar was one of which that was full of anticipation. The teams were composed of 5 people and each team had a Captain. The Captains of each team had to decide a name for their team for some added fun. Edwin and Cesar did a fantastic job at registering the teams earlier to the event commencement with Dorota and Alejandro making coordinating the organisation of the event seamless.

There were 28 teams and a total of 140 colleagues that attended the Pub Quiz, and all seemed quite eager to use their knowledge to win! Aon provided some snacks and a variety of beverage choices for all participants and they went down a treat.

The event began with John Adkins – our quiz master outlining how the Quiz was played and that there were prizes for the top 3 teams. The Quiz started on time with everyone settled in their seats and ready to play. There were 30 questions in total, 5 of which were Aon related. After each round was completed, the teams had to switch papers and mark how many questions the other teams got correct. People were really getting into the swing of things by the 2nd round and were becoming quite competitive and hushing as to make sure the teams within earshot could not hear their answers.

John was a very engaging and entertaining host. He kept everyone curious and in anticipation of the next questions. As the Quiz was ending the scores were tallied, and the winners were revealed, but the fun was not over yet. After John announced the winners, for some it meant that the evening was winding down, but not for the others. Then the dancing began and enjoyable conversations were had by everyone.

All in all, it was a well-organised event that engaged all the participants and is one of the highlights of the Aon Event calendar year.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Pub Quiz and cannot wait for 2020’s one!


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