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Aon IQ: Meet Krakow Retirement Solutions Department

About the author

Monika Mirowska-Kopec
Retirement Solutions Operations Director, Aon Krakow

In Q2 we started the Aon IQ: Meet the team project, through which we will introduce to Aon global audience 6 main areas that Aon in Krakow operates around. E.g. our employees are invited to colleague-to-colleague sessions and knowledge quizzes with Business Units representatives. We strongly believe that a better understanding of our solution lines and getting to know teams and colleagues from other business units – even when working remotely – will improve their Aon United experience and give us all solid foundations for the “new better”. Sometimes it's hard to remember that there are real smiley faces behind the names of our positions.

How we operate

​I'm excited to be the first leader to represent our Business Units and invite you to explore Aon Krakow and get to know each other better. The department I lead – The Retirement Solutions business is an integral part of our Retirement & Investment practice. The goal of the business is to provide industry-leading pensions administration services to our integrated Retirement Solutions clients. Our client base covers a broad range of industries, including banks, consulting companies, consumer goods and financial services.

Pensions Administration delivers services from Poland (Krakow) and the UK (Birmingham, Sheffield).

The department in Krakow consists of 310 colleagues who take care of our clients. They make sure the members of the pensions plans receive the best support and service during their employee life cycle. Colleagues always put member experience in the first place, they make sure as well that the pensioners receive their money on time, that the clients run their pensions plans effectively and their bank accounts are well managed. The colleagues always try to find solutions that work best both for the client and for our company.

And this is us in action! Maybe you'd join us?

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