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How Aon supports colleagues during the pandemic

Protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of Aon colleagues and their families is our highest priority, especially in such a challenging, pandemic time. Here are some actions that we have undertaken to make this difficult situation easier for all of us:



1. Safe work from home and flexible working

Although it had been over a year since we have started working from home, we maintain our approach to guarantee maximum protection and reduce any potential risk. Our colleagues' safety is Aon's #1 priority. If possible, our colleagues can also work in flexible hours to manage and balance their personal and work duties.

2. Providing the office equipment

To improve the working from home experience for colleagues, we have been providing equipment, mainly monitors and chairs. Up to now, we have purchased almost 400 large monitors for colleagues, and over 300 colleagues have borrowed chairs from the office. An allowance for electricity and internet connection is also a must.

3. Extra days off for vaccination

We are trying to help remove barriers that might prevent colleagues from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine when offered. We are supportive and encouraging of colleagues opting to take the vaccine.
In Poland, our colleagues can take time off to get a vaccination without taking this as personal time off or sick leave

4. Mental Health Helpline

By the safety of our colleagues, we understand their overall physical, financial, social, and emotional condition. New virtual reality and long winter are the factors that make us pay special attention to mental health. Therefore, we decided to open the Mental Health Helpline to all Aon colleagues in Poland. It provides a safe and professional place for psychological support in virtual space through dedicated, user-friendly technology. Remember to take care of your mental health. We will get through this pandemic together!

5. Aon Assist Program

Since the COVID-19 pandemic changed our daily routines, many teams have needed to shift their work in response. As a result, some teams need help, and some colleagues find extra time in their days. Here comes the Aon Assist Program, which helps us keep everyone busy. The program also gives a chance to develop new skills, gain new experiences and meet new colleagues. It's a win-win situation!

6. Morning Flow and online events

When working from home every day, it becomes even more important to focus on our health and remember to... move. We have recently introduced some initiatives to support our physical well-being and stay safe. Our colleagues can rent Aon branded bikes for a week, start their day better with Morning Flow online exercise sessions, or compete and motivate each other in Aon Fit Challenge.


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