One of Aon’s hallmarks is our supportive and friendly culture and our environment which supports both professional and personal development. We’re are aware that the wellbeing of our employees results in excellent work achievements and so we offer our employees a rich package of benefits that supports their professional development as well as their personal life.

What may you expect from us?

Wellbeing awareness

We are also aware that wellbeing is essential for our colleagues and, in turn, for our company as a whole. For us, this a daily focus.

That’s why we offer a competitive benefits package including multisport cards, insurance and the best medical cover on the market with free dental care.

In addition, the following are just a few of the benefits which Aon offers to support colleagues’ everyday wellbeing: fresh fruit delivery, treadmill desks to walk while working, 100% paid sick leave, a company library, team sport and sports events/challenges, a number of charity initiatives and other options to volunteer for.

Brand new office in Zabłocie

Our new office is extremely easy to reach by public transport from any part of the city. We also encourage healthy life choices, so we have facilities for bikes and separate female and male changing areas with showers and lockers.

Technology is a serious part of our new office – even if sometimes you don’t see it. We have implemented a number of high-tech solutions (e.g.82″ LCDs, smartboards, wireless presenting), which help us to deliver in a more efficient way.

The office also offers special wellbeing rooms, social zones, and a room for mothers of infants. What’s more, our office is equipped with treadmill desks – a perfect option for those who want to increase their daily fitness level while simultaneously decreasing the time spent sitting at a desk.

A wide medical package with free dental care

At Aon, each of our employees is unique. We care about each colleague’s health and provide the highest quality medical care. The health insurance that we provide gives our employees unlimited access to 1700 medical centers across the country which includes free dental care and specialists in many medical fields.

Thanks to our health insurance, we can provide full assistance to our employees, supporting their wellbeing and allowing them to focus on their professional and private development.



Unique and friendly work culture

At Aon we offer great place to work within a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We value openness, honesty and authenticity, so don’t expect formal dress code nor managers hidden behind closed doors.

We are also aware of our social responsibility and the impact we have, and we are proud of our charity actions supporting local communities.

We also help kids with their lessons, share our passions with them and raise money by selling cakes or climbing mount Giewont. Join Aon and find out for yourself.


Work-life balance

Are you an early bird or do you prefer to enjoy lazy, stress-free mornings? Or maybe you are a parent trying to balance work and family life?

We know the importance of finding this harmony, which is why we take into account the needs of our employees and do what we can to help them maintain work-life balance.

Flexible working hours at Aon allow you to adjust the work to your lifestyle and needs. On top of this, we are a remote-friendly firm so colleagues may benefit from our work-from-home option as well.


Internal career opportunities

We value contributions made by our people and appreciate their hard work. For this reason, our aim is to encourage internal moves and promotions.

Most of our vacancies are advertised both externally and internally. Every colleague has a chance to change or advance their career within Aon. And our feedback shows it works!

The number of internal moves within our company shows that we have really great colleagues on board. Almost half of our senior specialist started in junior roles at Aon. Change or advance your career within Aon!


Development opportunities

At Aon, we focus on your broad development of competence and skills. We offer and share for our employees a wide range of internal and external courses, including courses to learn 8 different languages.

You’re able to develop competences related to data analysis, effective project management or business process automation – each of which will empower your everyday work. You can also enhance your computer skills and the use of advanced software.

We strive to improve the work of our teams and provide the best atmosphere by developing team management skills among our leaders. We provide our employees with numerous soft skills training that helps them to become an integral part of our team.

Flexible benefits package

We offer our employees an additional personalized benefits package. Decide for yourself which suits you best.

The Motivizer benefit platform is available to you. If you are into fitness, you can choose the Multisport card that suits you. Or are movies your thing? Then, select cinema tickets or a Netflix subscription. Or you can choose from listening to music with Spotify premium or shopping with retail vouchers on Allegro, Decathlon, Douglas, RTV Euro AGD, Zalando, Smyk, Duka, Kruk, Apart and many others. Everything is at your fingertips.


Friendly atmosphere

At Aon, we care about building a team of people who know each other, get along well and know what teamwork is about.

We organize many company events that encourage our employees to get to know each other better, strengthen relationships in their daily work and achieve better results.


Take a virtual walk

Social responsibility awareness

As a company, we're aware of social responsibility and the impact we have, thus we proudly support and take part in charity actions for local communities. Also, we spare no effort to take care of the environment every day. For example, we are a partner of Business vs Smog initiative - our employees visit schools and kindergardens to talk with kids and teenagers about smog problem. Recently we have installed Airly sensor on our building to monitor air pollution in Aon office area. This is the next spot on Krakow’s map that helps raise awareness and keep people informed about when it’s the best time to go for a walk.

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