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10 places where you wouldn’t expect to see Aon logo

For the last several years Aon as a company has been growing in Krakow. Our continued growth means we have hired over 1100 colleagues so far! Because of this we are going to great lengths to promote our brand. Thanks to our colleagues and their creativity we have plenty of great examples of our extraordinary branding activities:

1. Nail polish

We all know that red is the color of success and behind every successful woman is …herself. That’s why for Women’s Day we have prepared small gifts for our wonderful women to make them look and feel better on their way to conquer the world.


2. Lipstick

… and again, one year later.

3. Tauron Arena in Krakow

The  biggest LED in Europe with Aon’s logo? Yes, it has been done!

4. Giewont Mountain

Thanks to our fantastic colleagues, our logo was visible from Giewont 😉 But that’s not the end of the story! Kuba and Bartek decided to walk there from our office in Kraków… on foot. It took them three days but they raised money for kids in need from Centrum Administracyjne nr 1.

5. Aon branded tram in Krakow

A red Aon tram was visible on the streets of Krakow for a year informing citizens that we have interesting career opportunities for them!

6. The Baltic Sea – Zawisza Czarny ship

Our branded hoodies protected Aon colleagues from the wind and cold during Zawisza Czarny’s cruise.

7. Aon branded bikes in Krakow

It is no secret that Aon cares about wellbeing. That’s why city bikes and our logo are a great match! This year you can see our logo on Enterprise Park’s bikes.

8. Mud (Runmageddon 2017)

Our colleagues work together on challenges everyday. They proved that they are good at it also during Runmageddon. Thanks to their red t-shirts they were visible despite being covered with a thick layer of mud.

9. Bulwary Wislane

Maybe seeing the Aon logo by the Vistula River is not so unexpected,  but how about seeing it by the Vistula River at 6 in the morning? We were even ready for the biggest commitment to take the best shots to be used on Aon postcards from Krakow.


10. Enterprise Park – our new office

Yes, we have moved to our new office! It is bright, colorful and it enables collaboration, flexibility and activity based working. To learn more about our new office at Enterprise Park visit

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