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One Place – a new Aon office designed by colleagues (part 2)

When thinking about ‘One Place’ we wanted to create a unique work environment that would be comfortable, enhance our daily performance, and foster collaboration among all Aon Krakow colleagues.

Designing a modern and collaborative workplace is a complex and laborious process. Even the most experienced architects admit that getting to know the true ambience of a firm and understanding the style of work in a certain office is extremely difficult – every company is different and deserves an individual approach.

As Aon colleagues know our company the best, we decided to entrust them with the task of assisting professionals to design our future office.

Firstly, our colleagues tested IT and furniture solutions and chose their favourites, which will be ordered for our new building in the Enterprise Park.

On top of the furniture, there are many solutions, processes and nuances that are not working correctly, or which would be useful but aren’t present in the current office space. It’s only our colleagues, the everyday users, who are aware of them, and know what the perfect workplace should look like for the work we do and the way we do it.

Designing a new office together

To benefit from our colleagues’ experience and insights, we have organised three workshops for members from almost every team in Aon Krakow.
Firstly, we asked them what is missing or what they would change in the current office – colleagues unanimously mentioned: conference room names, signs to show how to get to the kitchen, elevator or restrooms, and a room where they could relax or stretch their legs.
Then, to explore these matters, we simply asked them for ideas – If you don’t like the conference room names, how would you name them in the new office? – What is your vision of a perfect room for relaxation?

We also had brainstorming sessions and asked our colleagues to assess ideas about some specific areas, such as a patio (where we’ll have a chance to work or relax outdoors in spring and summer), library, mother’s room, and, most importantly, wellbeing rooms.
We’ll have three wellbeing rooms in our new office (based on Aon’s pillars of wellbeing): physical, social, and emotional. We asked colleagues how they understand these concepts, and how the rooms should reflect the concepts in a functional way.

We gathered the ideas and conclusions from the workshops and analysed them with the company responsible for the interior design of our new spaces. We could see that there are clear trends in terms of our colleagues’ suggestions, which was a good sign.

 Listening to the colleagues’ voice

As a next step, the One Place project team worked closely with the interior design agency for several intensive weeks and developed three design concepts.

We wanted to let our colleagues decide what our office will look like, so that when they move to the Enterprise Park in a few months, they really feel that it is exactly what they needed and expected.

In a specially prepared survey all Aon Krakow colleagues voted for:

  • conference rooms naming convention and decoration
  • wellbeing rooms design and equipment
  • library look and feel
  • mother’s room interior design
  • hall of fame design
  • patio equipment
  • design of wayfindings and team signs
  • video game console
  • chairs for the kitchens and social zones

The survey was active for two weeks. 628 colleagues reviewed the three concepts for each space and made a decision on which ones they would like to see implemented in the Enterprise Park.
It was a true sign of great engagement, that our colleagues took part of the responsibility for planning our future common workplace. Not only the ideas themselves came from the colleagues, but they also had the last word on which of them will be applied.

At this point, we wouldn’t like to reveal too much about the winning concepts, but let’s say that our office will be full of geographical and wooden accents, the emotional wellbeing room will be called Kyoto, and that we will have five types of conference rooms (and over 65 meeting rooms in total) – and each one will be designed differently.
We promise to tell you more soon.

Stay tuned for more updates from One Place!

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