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One Place – a new Aon office designed by colleagues (part 1)

It may sound like a cliché, but the firm is made up of people. That’s why at the very beginning of our journey to the new office we knew that we wanted our colleagues to have impact and authority to design the future office with the professionals.

After three months of testing of IT novelties and furniture to our new office in Enterprise Park, we had a chance to choose our favourite solutions.

All Aon Krakow colleagues received a survey, in which we were picking up the things we liked most in the Pilot, but also we could express our doubts or ideas for improvement.

More than desks – alternative furniture

As you know, we are preparing to switch to activity based working – our new workplace is supposed be tailored to our work style and wellbeing – we will have different kinds of workstations to choose from, depending on the activities we will be performing on a certain day.

Of course, we will still have regular desks and chairs – but we are using them already. We needed to test and choose the best alternative workstations for our new environment.

The majority of colleagues (68%) chose the softer and slightly bigger version of a focus booth and cabin sofa – we’ll have them in various colours in Enterprise Park.



Nowadays we often hear that ‘sitting is a new smoking’ – having a desk which may convert just in a few seconds to the standing mode is a step towards having a healthier spine and lifestyle in general!

Sit/stand desks gained very positive feedback – we will definitely have them in our new office.

The survey results show that we seem to enjoy the new concept of holding meetings at a media bench. It’s a great way to catch up with the team and look through presentations or documents on a large screen. The best part is that there is no need to reserve it beforehand!

As our feedback about media benches was very positive, we will have them in Enterprise Park – they will serve as an attractive alternative to regular meetings in conference rooms.

One of the pieces of the alternative furniture was a project bench – a set comprises a plain table and two benches. We have been testing it during the Pilot and it occurred that it’s not a top choice for a project work – the majority of colleagues voted against having project benches in the new office. Note has been taken – this solution will not be moving with us.


Conference room chairs are pretty important – we were provided with five different models to test. Two of them beat the competition and will be serving in the project room.

Online solutions meet offline assistance

Technology can make things much easier in a daily office life. But when we rely on it too much and it fails, we need fast help.

According to our colleagues, one of the best elements introduced during the Pilot is Tech Bar, where the guys from IT assist in emergencies and resolving issues with equipment, access granting, or creating tickets related to more complex problems. Everyone is aware where they sit and we are very happy with their personal support!

New wireless presenting and video conferencing solutions were also highly valued in the survey.
What seems to be an everlasting issue is an efficient system for conference rooms booking. We received a significant feedback from colleagues that such solution should be in place and we are working on a best way to facilitate rooms reservation and cancellation process.

Constant preparation

It’s crucial not only to test as many new features as possible before the move, but also to be prepared mentally. That’s why we asked our colleagues if they receive sufficient support from their managers and the project team, if they feel well informed and how they feel about working in a brand new Pilot environment.
Our colleagues’ answers were comforting – they feel they know what is going on it the project and what is its current stage, they appreciate the info sessions we are organizing on a monthly basis. There are some things to which it takes more time to get used to, but the vast majority of colleagues are looking forward to the move.

One Place project still goes on and we will have more interesting updates for you – soon we’ll tell you how we involved Aon colleagues to design some parts of our new office.

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