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Little things, big difference – our impact on local communities

June is a very special month for our company worldwide. It’s time when we celebrate Empower Results for Communities – a special day, when Aon employees from all around the world focus on supporting local communities and in doing so, create lasting social impact. 

They do that in various ways: by planting trees, blood donating, cleaning up local parks, preparing meals for homeless people, organizing charity donations or fund-raising.

Here, in Aon Krakow we have our special beneficiary that we support the whole year, that is Centrum Administracyjne nr 1 in Krakow (CA1).

Centrum Administracyjne nr 1 is a care home for around 50 kids aged 5 to 18. These young people come from various backgrounds, many have parents but they need support and care that CA1 is able to provide. For the whole year Aon Krakow office helps CA1 in many different ways: we organize cake sales, charity collections, make Christmas gifts and buy necessary equipment. Some of our colleagues work voluntarily with kids teaching them, helping with homework or simply spending some time with them. We give our time, share passions and skills, and do our best to make a difference for children in need.


Aon Krakow colleagues are eager to volunteer and support local community, that’s why for this year’s Empower Results Day we prepared 4 actions so that everyone has a chance to participate. We had a charity cake sale with delicious cakes and pastry prepared by our colleagues – all sold out in only 20 minutes!



On the same day we invited all employees for an open meeting with our volunteers, who shared their experiences and talked about social impact that we all have. Their stories were inspiring enough to motivate new colleagues to join the volunteer group.



Few days later we had our traditional summer picnic with kids from CA1 – there were games, euro bungee, a lot of fun and sport activities, but above all, it was a great occasion to spend some time together.


But that’s not all what we have prepared for this year’s Empower Results for Communities! In the first half of July, when the kids are away for holidays, we are visiting CA1 dormitories to renovate them, and make them cozier and nicer to live in. This initiative is exceptionally popular among our colleagues and the sign-up lists are usually full in just few minutes after being open. And that’s easy to understand – painting, renovating, fixing and decorating apartments may be hard or tiring but the feeling after the work is done and children’s gratitude are priceless.

– Ola Tomaszewska, Treasury Administrator Core/ Aon United Committee member

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