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Top 5 things that make a perfect workplace

Creating a perfect workplace starts with listening. It’s not only giving your employees voice and attention but also being mindful of the market needs.

That’s why whenever we are given an opportunity to meet with our potential candidates (and we meet them very often during the job fairs, talent days and workshops run by Aon experts) we tend to set aside some time to talk and let them present their perspective on a perfect workplace. We listen, learn and use the knowledge on our way to become the workplace of choice.

Not so long ago we had a chance to meet with a fantastic group of students – young, ambitious, open-minded people, who are just about to enter the job market. We wanted to know their opinion on the components of a perfect workplace.

Here are the top 5 things young people value in a company:

  1. Friendly atmosphere

In this matter our group of students was unanimous. Work is actually all about the people – colleagues you can rely on, cooperate with and have fun when the job is done.

  1. Workplace culture

Salary and scope of work are no longer the only factors people pay attention to when choosing the employer. What starts to become more and more meaningful are the company’s values, culture and the general approach to social responsibility or employees’ overall wellbeing.

  1. Remote job/flexible working hours

Being stuck at your desk or in a cubicle starts to be démodé. Nowadays, having an option counts –choosing from alternative workspaces adjusted to the activity you’re performing, working from home or even nearby café.

Aon Krakow Office. Focus Booth – perfect solution for individual work

  1. Development and new challenges

After a while anything we do starts to be well known and a bit routine. So, naturally we search for new challenges. It’s not even about working your way up in the corporate ladder. Sometimes the best solution to get away from the routine is moving internally and finding new opportunities in other departments.

  1. Being appreciated

It’s not rocket science – we all like to be praised. It motivates us, makes us feel better and strengthens social relations. Saying “thank you” matters and at Aon we know how to do it.

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