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Empowered by gratitude – 2000 colleagues’ recognitions at Aon Krakow

Various research has recently shown than being thankful and expressing appreciation is beneficial for both sides – the one who is recognizing and the one who is being praised. It motivates, improves overall wellbeing and strengthens social relations. But guess what? We knew that without digging into extensive research studies.

Aon colleagues tend to emphasize that what distinguishes our company from the competitors is a truly supportive atmosphere. And is there any better way to demonstrate  support on a daily basis than to value one another?

Recognizing colleagues, appreciating their big efforts as well as small gestures, saying simple but sincere “thank you”… It all matters to us at Aon and we know it’s important not only due to motivation reasons. It is also a significant driver for building a workplace culture based on mutual respect and trust. But above all, saying “thank you” is just nice – it’s a really great feeling to see that we’ve made somebody’s day with these two simple words.

Aon colleagues choose various ways to express their gratitude. Some decide to leave their footprint on the feedback blackboard, others took advantage of the last Valentine’s Day when we had opportunity to send unique thank you cards.

However, the most popular way to recognize colleagues at Aon Krakow is the Champion Recognition Award. It’s an online tool which allows colleagues and managers appreciate others for their contributions. It’s simple and user-friendly: whenever you recognize somebody he or she receives a thank you card and this great news goes also directly to the colleague’s supervisor so that the manager knows how fantastic people there are in his/her team. The record is also stored in the Hall of Champions where you can see all the recognitions with a description of what colleagues did to deserve it.

The best part is that we’ve just hit an outstanding number of champion recognitions sent by Aon Krakow employees. Since we  created this tool in 2011 colleagues have written 2000 (sic!) appreciation messages which means that every day someone at Aon Krakow is recognized for the things they do for colleagues, communities or clients. Empowering results and expressing gratitude make our firm a truly special place.

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